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  • Jacob Luegering

The Chronicles of the Owl Woman (Part 2)

After I got it through my thick skull that you need to plan this shit out through careful steps by drawing images you aren't gonna put in a comic book page (except in a section dedicated to development if you include that), I realized I needed to draw out an owl and a scary-looking woman. I drew a close up of owl faces (and had a lot of fun with the pen-work). For a scary woman, I asked my dad for a good female movie villain, and he recommended Glenn Close from the movie, Fatal Attraction. Holy crap she was perfect.

If you're thinking that I should see Fatal Attraction now, I say, "I'll see when I goddamn feel like it!"

I used clips from the movie from google images to draw these from and they are fantastic. Like in the top one, a strand of Close's hair is obscuring one of her pupils giving her an uncanny look to her. The bottom left image is less intense but still shows some hostility. The bottom right one is perfect for when the owl woman attacks.

This is when I really got an idea for what the owl woman should look like.

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