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  • Jacob Luegering

My Graphic Novel Character

This is character I created for a steampunk fantasy comic I have floating around in my head. Her name is Marcia Sparks. The idea for the story is that in this fantasy world, there exists a town that sends a group of six teens on adventures in an airship when they come of age (in this town's culture, that means turn 16 years old). They are to travel the world for a year or two so they can be trained to be explorers.

Marcia is the group's engineer. She's outgoing, proud of her job, friendly, a show-off, full of energy, and loves getting on the nerves of the team's stand-offish resource manager. She is the childhood friend of the group's navigator. She is also responsible for giving her team their name: the Domino Crew. They are called that because when they were getting their picture taken on the day they began her journey, Marcia's mishaps with her machines cause her to fall over into her group and make them all fall down like a stack of dominoes.

I'll show more characters I have created for my various ideas down the line. Hope you like this one. I want to show off my character designing skills!

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