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More Skulls For You

Don’t worry, this blog will be about more than just skulls.

This is another piece I made in my art class, though in this case, I only drew the skull in the class and my teacher told my to add onto to it at home.

So what's with the hand and the spooky swirling thing-a-ma-bob?

I've been playing a video game lately called "Darkest Dungeon," (which by the way, if you like turn-based RPGs, you should play it, it's great). In the game, one of the characters you play as is called "The Occultist," and he carries around a magic skull that casts spooky black magic on the foes in the game. That's where what the swirl in the background is, magic being cast. It's also there to help the skull pop out from the background. I smeared a lot of it with my fingers to give it a cloud-like feel to it.

To draw the hand holding the skull, I bent my hand in a way to match up with the skull's angle and use that as a guideline. I used the softest charcoal pencils I had to give the hand a black outline to make it pop. When I filled in the hand with a charcoal stick, I initially tried to make it look like darker skin since the Occultist had darker skin, but I noticed it gave the hand a granite-like texture, so I leaned more towards making it look like a hand statue was holding the skull, like artifacts found in temple exploration movies. I love charcoal so much.

Fun fact ,my mom actually thought the hand was the neck the skull was attached too, like someone's face had been melted or something. I kind of see it, and think it's kind of cool that it sort of looks like some poor fool has had his face melted. Believe it or not, that wouldn't be the most messed up thing to happen in Darkest Dungeon.

Next time I'm going to present something more comic-book like.

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