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  • Jacob Luegering

Fan Comic for the game, Paladins

For those not familiar, Paladins is a video game where several colorful characters compete in battle to complete an objective. Each character has their own gameplay style, backstory, and personality. This is a sample of a fan comic for them I am working on to get some practice making comic pages. In particular, having an interesting panel layout.

For the establishing shots, I made the top panel a shot of the town, a shot above the alleyway, and shot in the alleyway. The above alleyway shot is over parts of the first and third panel to kind of "link" them, showing this alleyway is in the town in the establishing shot and conveying a feeling of zooming into a part of the town.

The panels next to it show a mysterious shadow getting bigger in a side view of the alleyway, with smaller panels showing a walk cycle below and "attached" to them. To give the viewers an idea of what this mysterious person looks like and to establish a lonely feeling to build anticipation. Showing both his shadow and his feet gives this a cinematic feel to it, like shifting camera shots in movies.

I'll either continue making this comic or polish up and update this one. Anyone watching can tell me their preference.

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