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  • Jacob Luegering

Comic Book Concept in Process

Here, I'm sharing a comic book work in process with the working title, "Tiger Dragon." This is a concept panel for that comic book.

The Vietnam War is in it's Twilight Years. A massive battle has occurred at this Vietnam Fort that has left it mostly destroyed. Both the North Vietnam and American armies have left the battlefield to regroup... but two soldiers from either side have remained there. A white, male, closeted gay American soldier, and an mixed-race, female, child soldier are alone in this area. They are fighting tooth and nail to kill the other. These two seemingly polar opposite individuals have very similar reasons to kill the other, and have been shaped by very similar pasts. As their battle of wits and strength play out, they reflect upon their pasts and what led to where they are today, not realizing that the two of them have more in common then either of them could've imagined.

In this tale of prejudice, revenge, war, loneliness, and trying to hold on to your dignity in the face of those who try to deny you that, I try to capture the plight of two different kinds of oppressed minorities from radically different backgrounds and circumstances, to show that humans have more in common with each other than we tend to realize. And give a pretty good history lesson about American and Vietnam during the Cold War.

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