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  • Jacob Luegering

A Brief Bit of Frustration

We've all had those days....

Building off of my Tiger Dragon comic from before, here is a bit from there where Drake is sitting under the tree, feeling frustrated, sad, and angry that he can't avenge his brother's death.

I'm trying to convey a large gambit of emotions with this one image. When I showed this to my parents and asked what they saw without my verbal input, my dad said he looked vengeful. I was pleased that he got that out of this even without the wider context of the story the character was in. It made me feel I had succeeded in conveying a lot with a single image, which, in my mind, is something all artists should strive for.

I love the way his face turned out even if it didn't come out exactly how I anticipated. A good lesson for all artists is that things rarely come out exactly as you see it in your head. It's important that, as long as the image is conveying what you want it to convey, it's a good image, even if it didn't perfectly match up with your vision. Good art is good art.

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